European Environment Agency – Good Practice Guide on Quiet Areas

Technical report No 4/2014 Noise pollution is a growing problem for Europe’s environment. Transport and industry are the main sources of concern and long term exposure can damage human health and adversely affect ecosystems. European legislation aims to reduce noise pollution and also highlights the need to preserve areas that are currently unaffected. These so […]

The Control of Dust and Emissions during Construction and Demolition

The Mayor of London has issued draft supplementary planning guidance (SPG) for public consultation on The Control of Dust and Emissions during Construction and Demolition. This draft document contains guidance on the implementation of the London Plan policy: Improving Air Quality and other policies on environmental sustainability, health and quality of life. It provides advice […]

ANC Green Book

The Association of Noise Consultants has published a book entitled ‘Environmental Noise Measurement Guide’. Patrick Williams from Southdowns has contributed to the content as part of the ANC working group. This book provides practical guidance to those involved in the measurement and analysis of environmental noise. Areas which are covered include the preparation, execution and […]

Good Practice guide on Noise Exposure and Potential Health Effects

The European Environment Agency has recently announced the publication of a guide which is intended to assist policy makers, competent authorities and other interested parties in their understanding and fulfilment of the action planning requirements of Directive 2002/49/EC. This good practice guide provides information on current knowledge about the effects of noise on health and […]

Revised BS 5228 Published

The new standard has been revised to cover noise and vibration in separate parts (Parts 1 and 2), and includes updates on plant source noise levels, changes to legislation, descriptions of modern construction techniques and better alignment with other relevant standards.

DMRB Update

An update to DMRB Volume 11, Section 3, Part 7: Noise and Vibration was issued by the Highways Agency in August 2008. As well as retaining the core aspects associated with the assessment of noise and vibration from highways, the revised document includes new assessment tables, cross-refers to webTAG, includes additional CRTN procedures for dealing […]

Attitudes to Aircraft Noise

Attitudes to Aircraft Noise

The Times reports that the existing method of measuring aircraft noise, adopted a quarter of a century ago, is too narrow and outdated, the study concludes. It fails to take account either of the huge growth in the number of flights or the public’s growing demand for quietness. While individual aircraft have become quieter, the […]


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